About West-Ridge.INFO

West-ridge.info focuses on homeowner-contributed content.
That contrasts with west-ridge.org whose focus is Board-contributed content.

I'm a West Ridge resident homeowner. I'm not on the HOA Board, I don't speak for the Board, and this website is not owned, operated, managed, supported, or endorsed by the Board or by Waccamaw Management at this time. If I ever do serve on the Board, content here will still be from me (or you) writing as just one of our 130 homeowners, not as a pronouncement by the Board (unless clearly marked otherwise).

I created any content not marked as contributed by someone else. It all must meet my content policy, though.

Yes, it would be better if .ORG and .INFO could be merged into a single web site with not only all the features of both sites now, but also with a way (such as Forums) to have both homeowner-contributed content and Board-contributed content. A web site that can do that, however, looks more expensive. Maybe someday...

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